Monday, September 22, 2008

Semester Day Two

Today went well, but seems to have flown by. This morning, my Israeli roommate moved out. Now it is just me and Christian - and he leaves in about two weeks-ish.

I had Hebrew again for the first time since Ulpan. My new teacher is Ora. She seems like she will be really good and is teaching us how to remember words, which should be good for me. I also had Jewish Identity and Contemporary Issues. The class seems really interesting and professor is very knowledgeable. He also invited us to his home for Shabbat dinner or lunch :-)

This afternoon, I worked on some random stuff, hung out with, people and went to the pool. This evening I did homework. It's kinda weird having homework again, but I'm hoping that everything will be as interesting and intriguing as it seems it will be.

I was going to write about my vacation today, but that will happen tomorrow now. I'm tired.

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