Friday, September 12, 2008

What I Should Have Written

So I should have written a nice post yesterday. It would have included the fact that Ulpan is over, as of Wednesday. I did pretty well (I think) on my final exam. I am going to miss my Ulpan teacher Hannah. She was awesome. We went downtown to the Old City and got great fruit smoothies :-). At night we had our end of Ulpan party at Abraham's Well with a lot of food and skits/songs from each class. It was a good time.

Yesterday (Thursday), was suppossed to be an easy, relazxing day, but of course ended up flying by. It was a day of mixed emotions. The students from Germany left and I am good friends with a number of them now. That was unexpected at the beginning of the trip.

We also worked on attempting to formalize our break schedule. Here is a rough outline:

Thursday - Be'er Sheva
Friday - Eilat
Saturday - Eilat
Sunday - Petra, Jordan and then back to Be'er Sheva at night
Monday - leave late morning/early afternoon (by train?) to Haifa
Tuesday - Bahai Gardens in Haifa then on to Tiberias
Wednesday - Tiberias / Sea of the Galilee / Hiking in the North
Thursday - Leave the North for Jerusalem
Friday - Jerusalem
Saturday - Jerusalem
Saturday night - Back to Be'er Sheva
Sunday - Semester classes start

I'm sending an email to everyone shortly with this information.

That's it for now. I have to get ready to leave for Eilat :-) Be in touch.

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