Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Birthday

Yesterday, December 8, was my 21st Birthday!

יום ההולדת העשרים אחת שלי

Here is a brief rundown of what I did:

- In Hebrew class, Hila (our program counselor) brought me a Honey Cake birthday cake with a candle in it. They sang to me and then we shared the honey cake.
- I went to lunch with a friend at the amazing falafel place in the Old City, Falafel Yarkot.
- We got fresh fruit smoothies in the Old City
- At night we gathered to go to dinner. We had dinner at a restaurant called Avazi in the BIG Shopping Center. We walked there as a group, about 20-30 minutes. I had made a reservation earlier in the day. They had a big table set up for us. As soon as we sat down, they started bringing us tons and tons of little plates of salads and big bread/lafeh. As soon as one thing was gone, either they refilled it or brought something new. They also brought rice, chips (french fries), and orange juice and lemonade. We ordered our entrees. I got a lamb kabob. They gave me a birthday cake with sparklers in it, although it wasn't really cake - it was some sort of gelatenous cake. We had about 22 people at dinner. That made me happy. It was a big group of friends.
- We walked back to the dorms and most of us met back up a bit later to go to a bar.
- When we met up, we went to one person's room and had champagne for my birthday.
- We then went to the Manga Pub/Bar, in the teacher's building, across Rager, across from the hospital. (I know that doesn't mean anything to anyone else reading this.) We cut through the hospital in a shortcut that wasn't really any shorter. We sat around the bar first and then got a table. We had a good time and a few of my friends bought me a few drinks.
- After Manga, some of us took cabs to Chika, a club in a wharehouse that was having a big party last night. I was kinda forced into a cab to go. It was a big place and a lot of people were dancing to loud music and crazy lights. It was fun.

Overall, it was a good birthday. I had a lot of fun with many of my friends in Israel.

See pictures of my 21st Birthday here.

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