Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oy! Only Two Weeks Now!

So, I had the revelation while eating a wonderful, large shwarma for dinner with a friend tonight at the bus station that in two week from now, I will be at Ben-Gurion airport waiting for my flight back to the United States. That is insane. How am I gonna do everything I still want to do? I have mixed feelings about going home, but I'll just have to come back to Israel soon.

Yesterday, I got back my two essay outlines/midterms for the Arms Control class and the Terrorism class that I'm taking. I got a 94% and a 90%. Not too bad. Now, though I need to buckle down and work. It is hard to concentrate sometimes as I have discovered a plethera of television shows available to me online - especially, The Nanny and now, The West Wing.

Tomorrow, I am going to Jerusalem for what will likely be the last time on this trip to Israel. I'll visit the Kotel and then spend time with the Romm's - the family I was with for the High Holy Days.

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