Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Not posting...

So apparently I'm not so good at blogging. Throughout each day, I think "That would be good to write about," but every time I come back to my computer, I seem to forget or to get distracted with something else. I'm going to use a scapegoat though - my computer. My computer seems to not like me so much lately and it runs really hot. Of course, that could be because we are in the middle of the desert.

Yesterday we had a lecture on the Beduin by a Professor who also happens to be a Beduin. I'm not entirely sure what he talked about, but it was great. He was a character. I then spent an hour at the pool during which time I met an Israeli guy named Gilad who said he would invite me and some friends over for dinner some time. That'll be fun. Last night we took a brief tour of some sites in Be'er Sheva with a Professor who is an expert on the Negev area. We went to the remnants of a town prior to 1948, visited a British World War I cemetary, and saw the headquarters of the Israeli Defense Forces' Southern Command.

Today I saw the movie The Syrian Bride about a Druze woman marrying a Syrian man through an arranged marriage and the complications associated with making the wedding happen. It was very interesting.

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