Sunday, August 31, 2008

Two Crazy Experiences

Last night I needed to do laundry and logically, I had waited until I was literally on my last set of clothing. I decided to be good and wait until after Shabbat to do my laundry. Apparently I was not to be rewarded for doing so as the laundry room was super full. I hate waiting to my laundry. They have 6 small-ish washing machines and 6 giant dryers. Explain that to me. Anyway, I had to wait in the middle of a long line with a lot of pushy people, specifically one girl who came in after me who tried to cut me in the line. Luckily, one of the Israeli guys who I'd talked to earlier told her in (not nice?) terms that she needed to wait, probably because she also tried to cut him and his friend. I was frustrated so I went with a few friends and got ice cream while my laundry dried.

Today I went to the grocery store. I spent a large amount of money on food for the month, but I think it was worth it. We were there for over an hour so hopefully we made some good choices. It's a little difficult to buy food when you aren't entirely sure what you are buying and can't read the ingredients or instructions. I also can't figure out the sale signs. What does "2+1" mean? and what does "50%" mean? is that 50% off this item or the second one?

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