Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Strays

In our Overseas Student Program Orientation Guide, it says "Please stay away from te adorable cats that hang around the dorms; they are not immunized. Do not feed them, even if you have pity on them. Don't pet any street dogs or cat - they are filthy and might have rabies". They weren't kidding - there are stray cats everywhere. Most cats are very skinny and some are very young. I've seen them on the sidewalk at the dorm, in the grass, on stairs, on top of overpasses, all over campus, etc.

The other night a few of us were hanging out on the grass and one cat came and sat on one guy's lap. He kept trying to get the cat off, but it really liked him and kept coming back to his lap.

The cats are definitely territorial. They stalk each other and often pounce and swipe at each other. If you've never seen a real cat fight, they are definitely scary - I thought at least one would die.

Besides cats, there are also some stray dogs at different spots around the city. At a corner near the dorms there are two dogs that always sleep in the dirt under a tree. One of them looks like my dog Pudgie and I always want to pet him, but I don't want to be scratched/eaten.

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