Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

A belated Thanksgiving post:

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun, although not what I am used to. It will definitely be a Thanksgiving to remember. We had a one-pot dinner cooked on a bonfire.

We got together and went to a clear area on the other side of the train tracks, across from the dorms, down the street about 5-10 minutes. Our head counselor, Hila, decided where we would make the bonfire - i.e. apparently we could just make it, no permission or permit needed. I asked her about the wood we used and where we were. Apparently the place we were was an illegal dumping site and the wood we burned was wood collected from the area. That would explain the plywood, nails in the wood, and the cloth stapled on to some of the wood.

We made a fire and cooked in a large pot. We had turkey, potatoes, carrots, lentils, garlic, onions, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I don't know all of what Hila put in the pot. I do know that there were a lot of spices and orange juice, wine, and some other liquid from a bottle. It was spicy, but good. She also decided to cook potatoes (some were sweet potatoes) in the fire. She just through them in - no foil or anything - and when they were done, we picked them out, broke them open, and ate the inside.

Hila said it was her first Thanksgiving. Inbal, our other counselor was there as well, along with a number of other Israelis. It was definitely interesting. Some of us sang campfire songs after dinner.

Later, we went to a Pub next to the dorms and got chocolate cake and ice cream. It was good, but I wanted pumpkin pie. :-)

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