Sunday, November 2, 2008


This past weekend I was in Tel-Aviv. I stood with the family of my brother's friend's brother's girlfriend's family. They were very nice. They live in North Tel-Aviv near the University.

I went Thursday. Thursday night we drove along Deisengof Street and then relaxed at their home.

Friday I was taken to the beach near the marina where I hung out on the beach and walked along the beach and promenade from the Tel-Aviv Marina to Jaffo. I walked around part of Old Jaffo and went to the flea market and a number of covered markets that I had gone to when I came to Israel with USY in 2005. It was nice. I also finally found less expensive Naot, the awesome Israeli Birkenstock-like sandals that I have. I have needed a new pair, but they are expensive (279 Shekels + in most places). I found them in a store in Jaffo for 250 Shekels and talked them down to 230 Shekels which is about 50 Shekels less and with a better exchange rate, it was worth buying the new pair. Friday evening I helped cook dinner and then we had dinner with the family and two of their kids.

Saturday, the couple went to visit their son on his Navy base. There was a chance that I would go with them, but they weren't sure that their son would get the approval to let me onto the base. Instead, they took me to a beach. I walked a half an hour along the beach and relaxed for a while on the beach. Different areas of the water were cold and warm, depending where I was. I then walked half an hour back to their house.

Besides these events, I spent time watching movies and television shows, reading for class, and just relaxing in their home in Tel-Aviv. Watching all of the movies and t.v. shows with Hebrew subtitles was interesting and, I think, helped my Hebrew understanding. If I had a t.v. in my dorm, I think that my Hebrew could be improved by my watching a lot of t.v. and movies with Hebrew subtitles so that I can follow how the Hebrew is used and attempt to improve my vocabulary.

It was a good weekend. Here are a few pictures from along the beach in Tel-Aviv.

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