Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Cold Week

This week has been rather cold. While the temperature has, according to the sites I've found online, only gotten into the 50s once, I don't believe them. I have stopped using the fan that I have at night and often during the day as well. My tile floor is cold and I'm considering buying a cheap heater for my room or if not, perhaps a heavier blanket. Additionally, it has been cloudy for much of the week and rained off and on most days. While the rain is definately needed here, I find the weather to be rather unhappy without blue skies and sun. I liked the weather before much better. I think that it is suppossed to change for next week, which would be good.

My Hebrew teacher has asked our class for an additional session on Sundays for at least one time, but likely for a few weeks. She think that we are behind, which is true. I feel like I should know more than I do.

I'm leaving in a few hours for Tel-Aviv. I'll be spending the weekend with a family there and will return to Be'er Sheva on Saturday night. When I return, I'm going to have to start doing a lot of studying and reading as well as research for several midterm papers that will be due before the end of November.

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