Sunday, October 12, 2008

Edited Break 2 Plans

Okay, so here are some updates on the rest of my break -

Tomorrow, Monday, moning we (Aaron and I)are taking a train at 7:26 a.m. (yikes!) to the very northern end of the line and the a taxi to visit Rosh Hanikra - grottoes on the Mediterranean Sea at the Israeli/Lebanese border. Ximena is going to meet us on the way from a northern train station.

We are then going to Tivon to stay with Barney and his friends through sometime on Wednesday. We will be having fun galavanting around the North (doing who knows what). There is a chance that we may have to stay at a youth hostel, but it's all good.

Wednesday sometime Aaron and I are going to be going to Tel-Aviv where we will meet Josh and travel around to see a few sites in Tel-Aviv before returning to Be'er Sheva on Thursday night.

Friday I am going to Jerusalem to stay with the Romm's again until Tuesday night - the end of Simchat Torah. They've invited me to stay with them the whole period.

On Sunday though, I may depart the Romm's for the day and take a tour with Aaron and Zion to Hebron and Bethlehem. Don't worry, it's with an organized trip on an armored bus, although it is, I believe, a very right-wing, pro-settlement tour. It ought to be interesting. Here's a link.

Those are the plans for now. So we shall see how they work out...

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