Monday, October 27, 2008

A Bit on Today

The screen on my cell phone stopped working (on Friday) so I had to get a new phone (today), which also didn't work so I got another one (after some stress, also today due to confusion with other people and their phone issues). That was cool. I went to the shuk today and bought fruits and vegetables (I bought bought corn on the cob for about ~30 cents per husk). I also bought a kilo of hummus for only 8 shekels - I was super excited. Ialso got locked out of my room and my roommate got locked inside because our door decided to stop working. That was fun.

I decided tonight that I'm going to Tel-Aviv this weekend. I'll be staying with a family my brother put me in contact with.

I also went to class today, but need to study/read a lot.

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