Friday, October 24, 2008

Yesterday - More to Come

I haven't updated my blog in a while. I owe updates from Yom Kippur and my second break including Sukkot and Simchat Torah in Jerusalem. I will post something along those lines tomorrow. I may also do a post about politics here/in the U.S.

I was going to be in Tel-Aviv this weekend, but elected to stay here in the dorms. I am currently sick and figured that this would be the best option for getting better. I started feeling sick during my break, but got better prior to last weekend. Unfortunately though, sickness returned (and I think, worse).

Yesterday (Thursday), I went to a clinic after Hebrew class to see a doctor. I went to the reception desk to get an appointment. Luckilly they make appointments the same day. Not so luckily, most people didn't know English and the lady who did know only knew a little. Nevertheless, I got an appointment and went to wait in the waiting area.

In the waiting area, I eventually attempted to talk to a few ladies who were also waiting to see doctors. I did fairly well, considering. My Hebrew is getting better, but still has a logn way to go. I think that it is impaired as well when I am sick and can't think clearly to translate and process it in my head.

I went in to the doctor. He said he didn't really know English. His English was as good as my Hebrew when I got to Israel, if that. He told me to explain what was wrong in English though. Between my attempts at speaking Hebrew and understanding his Hebrew, my speaking English and his attempts to understand English, and my pointing, I think the message got across. He was very nice.

The doctor put information into the computer about me. (They are pretty advanced here. They scanned my insurance card to give me my appointment and also to put in my diagnosis and prescription.) He gave me a prescription for two different types of pills and some sort of (cough?) syrup. Hopefully, I'll be getting better soon.

Last night I slept horridly, probably because of the medication. Once, I woke up after having a dream in Hebrew (who knows if it was real) and in my half-asleep state was thinking in Hebrew as well. It was kind of crazy...

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