Monday, November 17, 2008

Lots To Do

I haven't been so good about updating the blog recently. I'll try to catch up tomorrow. I have been working on three papers. It has taken a lot more time than I've expected.

Yesterday was the first day of class for Israeli students. People are everywhere now. There are people all over the dorms (I even had to tell someone how the laundry here works and how to print, where to get a print card, etc.). People are everywhere on campus. There are other classes going on in our building now - and the Israeli students are loud in the hallways.

There is a festival on campus for the first week. Area restaurants and bars have stuff set up. It seems like every bank is there giving out free stuff trying to get student accounts as are cell phone companies. There are also a number of clothing, jewelry, etc. stores set up. I got two awesome shirts - one short sleeve and one long sleeve - that I've seen Israelis where and they have Hebrew on them - something I've been looking for. The student association is also confirming registrations for the new school year and giving out gifts to all of the students. I haven't gotten mine yet. I probably will tomorrow - the line has been really long.

Here are the designs from the t-shirts -
A camel poking its head through the "warning: camels on road" sign.
An image of the Dimona Nuclear Facility. Israel does not confirm or deny that it has a nuclear program and Israeli journalists cannot reference it. The Hebrew says "According to foreign sources".

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