Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oy. I'm Behind.

Logically, I am behind on blogging again. I have been busy writing a paper for my Critical Decisions in the History of the State of Israel class. Doing the research, analyzing the research, and writing the paper have taken longer than I thought. I just finished my essay on "The Camp David Accords and Israeli-Egyptian Peace: American Influence in the Peace Process – American, Egyptian, and Israeli Opinions – and Modern Perspectives on their Success".

Yesterday, I also had a midterm in my Jewish Identity and Contemporary Issues class. I spent a decent amount of time, especially on Sunday reading, rereading, and studying for the exam. After the exam we had an evaluatory meeting with the Director of the Overseas Student Program to discuss our thoughts on our classes and ways they can attempt to improve our program before the end of the semester.

Okay, I have to do reading for classes tomorrow. I'll blog more, specifically about this past weekend tomorrow. In the meantime, look at these pictures of my weekend in Jerusalem and at a Shabbaton at Kibbutz Hanaton in the North - click here.

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